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You are Magic

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Flower essences help you feel your own radiance, power, and beauty. They create space for you to see yourself clearly. They help you heal, transform and attune to your light so you can embody your most magical self and share the medicine of your presence with the world.

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Flower Love

Client testimonials
Powerful and More Confident

I am a singer and guitar player, and I have used the Inspire flower essence for over a month and it feels amazing. I take it a couple of times before live shows and I can feel how my performance improves significantly. My voice is projected powerfully and I feel more confident. Definitely would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their expression.

Iván, Musician

Heal yourself and heal the world

The Magic

Receive a special flower essence, monthly teachings and a guided new moon meditation to support, guide, and uplift you as you move through the energies and activations of each month. 


This clairvoyant reading will clear your auric field, create space for the frequencies you desire, connect you with the plant allies, and create alchemy in your life. 


Flower essences help us dissolve our blocks, see new perspectives, and unlock our hidden potential.

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Why work with me?

As a clairvoyant, I can see your highest self. 

Because I see the light of who you are, I also see all the false beliefs that stand in the way of you embodying your truth. 


I communicate with the earth in all her forms.  She is a living being. This is something I’ve always done on some level, but after a series of spiritual awakenings in 2015, this communication became incredibly loud. 


The medicine and ceremonial space I co-create with flowers heals you in a way that is gentle, kind, and sweet. I feel that this feminine way is, for many of us, the missing link in our healing.  


With the earth as my guide, I create space for real magic, transformation, and healing. 


Work with me if you’re ready to create the most magical life you can imagine.

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