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We are not just connected to the Earth. We are the Earth.

By re-attuning to her, we connect back to our own essential frequency.

This session begins with a clairvoyant reading & healing that clears your auric field, your vision, your mind, and your heart, so you can step with ease into the frequencies you want to create in your life. I’ll conclude by calling in the flowers that want to assist you at this time, crafting a personal blend of flower essences just for you.

Wild Flowers
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Clairvoyant Readings

In this reading we will focus on dissolving the most pressing limitations & blocks that you are working through. Please come prepared with what you'd specifically like to clear in this session, along with what you're calling in and would like to create more of in your life. This clearing may include reading past lives, deprogramming, releasing ancestral patterning, clearing foreign energies out of your space, and reading the layers of your aura.

You'll leave this reading feeling validated, more at peace within yourself, and overflowing with your own essential frequency aka wonderful.

You also have the option to receive* a personal flower essence blend with the flowers that came through to work with you. 


These sessions are sacred spaces for you to rest back into the sweetness of your own being, and to embody that sweetness more fully as you move forward.

*Additional fee of $50

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Attune to your magic

Clairvoyant Readings

These sessions include:

  • A 1-hour clairvoyant reading 

  • Optional add-on of a personalized flower essence blend mailed to you

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This reading is for you if:

You’re ready to step into a new version of yourself and own your power, your beauty, your brilliance, and your magic.

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This reading is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for someone to tell you your future.

  • You want to put a spell on someone.

  • You are committed to not changing ever.

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What to expect from a clairvoyant reading

At the end of your session, you’ll feel calmer, clearer, and more attuned to your own essential frequency. 

Once you received a personal flower essence blend... Over the following weeks, as you continue to work with your flower allies through the essence you receive, expect miracles, magic, and big transformation. 

How it works:


Schedule your session online (make sure to input your phone number so you can be reached!)


Write down what you'd specifically like to clear in this session along with what you're calling in


Be ready receive a call on your scheduled day/time

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Your investment:



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Flower Love

Client testimonials
Access new dimensions of healing

I had the chance to do a reading with Becca and try one of her flower essences. I must say, that reading took me to places I haven't been in years.  I was soo elevated, and felt so light. After we finished I felt like I was in a new dimension of relaxation. Her voice and guidance during the session made me feel safe and I was able to let the process take me to what felt like a deeply connected and enlightened space. I have also been taking Becca's flower essence daily and it has become one of my favorite evening rituals. She makes these with such care and intuition, it is loaded with her positivity and intention. Thank you Becca.

Agi Merasz, Akashic Reader

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Ready to embody more of your magic?

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