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You are Magic

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Unlock your potential and bloom as nature intended

For thousands of years, flower essences in various forms have elevated the consciousness of people around the world. This powerful alchemy helps you balance your emotions and guides you back to the forgotten patterns of well-being that are already within you.  

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure how to create the life you actually want to live.

What if there were a simple, gentle, and easy way to dissolve what blocks you from owning your power, opening the doors for you to embody more of your true self?

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Flower elixirs are
real-life magic potions.

Every flower has a unique pattern encoded in its color, shape, habitat, and scent. As a response to its environment, flowers develop these characteristics to survive, thrive, and be the fullest expression possible of themselves. 


When you take a flower essence, this pattern communicates with you on an energetic level, sharing a new code that will take you beyond your present problem, beyond the question and into the answer. 


Consistently taking flower essences will makes you feel calmer and lighter, but also more willing to take risks and grow into the biggest version of yourself. 

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Hi there! I’m Becca —flower essence alchemist, herbalist, yogini, and clairvoyant.

I love connecting people to the magical healing properties of flower essences, reawakening them to the truth of their own radiance.


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Which flower essences will assist you most right now?

The Magic

Upgrade your life with special flower essences, delivered to you each month.


This 1:1 session with Becca includes a clairvoyant reading and personalized flower essence.


Uplift yourself with the magic of flowers. View our chakra collection.

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Flower Love

Client testimonials
Elevate Your Frequency...

“Rainbow Magic flower essences have such a strong magical potency that I feel right away after taking them. Even though they are very gentle, I can feel and sense their high frequency and the powerful effect in my body.”

Gigi, Peak Performance Coach

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