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Taking the right flower at the right time is a game changer.

We become aware of the true magic of flower essences when we tap into the frequency of a specific flower and watch how it ripples through our lives.

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A Monthly Delivery of Pure Magic

Receive a special flower essence to support, guide, and uplift you as you move through the energies and activations of each month. 


Members have access to Becca’s live monthly flower magic journeys, with teachings and a guided meditation for you to embody your magic. 

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The Magic Monthly

An energetic container and flower essence subscription to magnify the magic in your life.

Each month this subscription includes: 

  • A flower essence (we work with one specific flower a month)

  • A flower magic journey with Becca (these live & recorded online group sessions include teachings and meditations)

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The Magic Monthly is for you if:

  • You’re curious about learning the language of flowers.


  • You’re ready for extra support and love from the flower kingdom as you move through your human journey. 


  • You’d like to learn more about clairvoyance, clairaudience, and how to use these faculties to communicate with the earth.   


  • You love to grow and you’re ready to take big steps in your life. 


  • You have a sneaking suspicion that you are magic.  

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Being part of The Magic Monthly will bring you:

  • Quantum leaps in your growth (flower essences help us go farther, faster)

  • Deeper trust in your intuition 


  • Enhanced psychic capacities  


  • Less doubt in yourself & more clarity 

  • Greater alignment with your higher self 


  • More attuned communication with nature 


  • The confidence to peel back the layers of whatever keeps you stuck, so you can bloom into your fullest potential

How it works:


Sign up & receive the flower essences of the month


Catch the magic monthly meditation live or watch them recorded through the rainbow portal


Connect with other members inside the rainbow magic community

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Your investment:




No minimum commitment, cancel anytime.

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Flower Love

Client testimonials
Remember your true essence

This is something your spirit truly wants! We all have programming that stops us from seeing the fullness of our magic and Becca will help you to see past these things and remember your true essence.

Olivia, Graphic Designer 

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Are you ready for a more magical life?

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