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What would it feel like to trust you’re supported by the earth itself? Like all of nature is conspiring in your favor?

The concept of flower essences dates back to the 1930s, pioneered by Dr. Edward Bach in England. He developed 38 remedies to help the human soul overcome emotional challenges.

Within this blossoming industry, Rainbow Magic Elixirs stands out. Offering a unique line of seven flower essences, each blend addresses specific needs:

Grounded: For stability and connection.
Abundance: To invite prosperity.
Sunshine: For joy and positivity.
Love: For nurturing loving connections.
Inspire: To ignite creativity.
Clairvoyance: To enhance intuition.
Cosmic: For a deeper universal connection.



Our vision is to connect people to the magical healing properties of flower essences, so they can reawaken to the truth of their own radiance.  

We are nature. YOU are nature.

Healing is really remembering. 

Remembering who you are. 

Remembering what you are a part of.

Remembering your wholeness. 

When you remember, everything is so simple. 


You know what to do. 

You trust the love and magic that is already guiding you. 

You can see clearly. 

You remember how to listen to your own intuitive wisdom,

which has always been leading you in the right direction. 

You can hear your own heart. 

You can start living. 

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