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What are flower essences?

Flower essences are made through solar infusion. This method harnesses the energy of sunlight to transfer the distinct characteristics and properties of a flower into purified spring water.

Flowers have been used for their healing properties throughout human history, but the modern form of flower essence therapy was developed in the early 20th century in England by Dr. Edward Bach.

Flower essences help us resolve mental and emotional disharmony by revealing the roots of an imbalance and showing us the path to cultivate harmony and well-being. Flower essences don’t suppress our pain or intervene with us bio-chemically to induce artificial states. They help us see ourselves and our patterns more clearly, opening the doors through which we can dissolve whatever has been blocking us from achieving a higher state of mind, body, and spirit wellness.

With flower essences, it can take just a few weeks to achieve the growth that otherwise may have taken months or even years to achieve.

These remedies work best when used with consistency over time.

If used at the recommended dosage of four drops, four times a day, a bottle will last around one month. You may intuitively want to use an elixir for a longer or shorter period of time, but in general, with consistent use, the month-long cycle will allow you to experience the full effects.


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